For students, by students

As a student away from home for the first time, it can be hard to find your way. That’s where the new Center for Connected Learning at Moffitt Library comes in. Designed for undergraduates, by undergraduates, the library puts students of all backgrounds at the center of the learning process as they connect with information, technology, and people.

Student and Daily Cal columnist Hari Srinivasan is interviewed in Doe Library on April 30, 2018.

Hari Srinivasan ’21, an undergraduate researcher and staff writer for The Daily Californian, has nonverbal autism, accompanied by sensory dysregulation. New environments can send his senses into overdrive — including during exams. Partnering with the Disabled Students’ Program, the Library offers classroom spaces in Moffitt, where Srinivasan can work without distraction. Read more about Hari on the Library News site.

‘Each place has a different feel to it — tiny nuances that we pick up on. During an exam, I want to be able to focus.’

— Hari Srinivasan ’21, psychology

Library undergraduate fellow Alicia Auduong poses for a portrait outside Doe Library on April 18, 2018.

As a student in the Library’s undergraduate fellowship program, Alicia Auduong ’19 helped librarians redesign Moffitt’s Makerspace, recruiting new clubs and ideas to the fiercely dynamic space. A born tinkerer, Auduong also co-created a course to introduce students to various forms of creation — from 3-D printing to graphic design. Read more about Alicia on the Library Stories site.

‘Pick your niche; decide what you want to do. Go a million miles deep and realize there’s still a big world outside.’

— Alicia Auduong ’19, bioengineering

During his sophomore year, Joshua Price ’18 co-founded Robotics@Berkeley — a student club based in Moffitt, where students pool their tools and talents to create something bigger than themselves. One robotics team built a rover that can detect and pinpoint human voices, potentially saving the lives of people buried in disaster. Read more about Joshua on the Library News site.