A Light in the World

Considered the crown jewel of higher education in the entire state, UC Berkeley relies on the Library every day to support its world-class teaching and its cutting-edge research, and to enrich the experience of the thousands of students who study here. Comprising 24 libraries, the UC Berkeley Library has something for everyone, whether it’s the trove of primary documents chronicling the West at Bancroft, the collaborative and innovative spaces at Moffitt, or the vast and unparalleled collections at Doe, a beacon of information standing in the shadow of the iconic Campanile. Explore what the Library does to inspire the Berkeley community and better the world, and help us as we light the way to a better future.

We1 help people
find2 and evaluate knowledge3
to build4 a better future.5

1 We help build a better future.
2 We share our treasures with the world.
3 We preserve the history of the West.
4 We imagine a library for the 21st century.
5 We train tomorrow’s leaders.